Your Journey into Power


A New Concept in Personal Growth

Color and coloring, has the ability to alter your mood and hasten your healing process.

Darlene’s Conscious Coloring Technique, will also strengthen your intuition, relax your mind, move you beyond the constraints of pain and doubt, and help you recapture the Beauty and magnificence of your Life.

The idea of using coloring books as a tool to unblock stuck energy patterns, wake up dormant energies, and tap into one’s hidden potential, may sound radical, but it works. 

Through the act of coloring, people enter into a fluid partnership with the artist to access an active energetic gateway. Her art functions as a conduit for personal healing and transformation. Interaction with her art opens a dynamic space/time dimensional portal. The co-creation experience encourages people to bypass their old programming and create new neuro-pathways thereby enacting lasting change.

Both Coloring Books have 10 images of quality art to color. 

With images of powerful and positive female archetypes and role models, the theme is about Feminine Empowerment.
By being mindful during the process, you tap into the same powerful attributes within yourself as the image you are coloring. 

$25 each or get both for $45

Thank You for Your Purchase 

As a THANK YOU for your order, here is a FREE download of my research into the effectiveness of coloring.

Your Journey into Power
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