Your Journey into Power

A Powerful New Concept in Personal Growth

Color & Coloring Empowers You, Alters your Mood, and Hastens your Healing Process.

"JASMINE, Journey Into Power" 2020 Coloring Book 
Expands the Definition of a Coloring Book.

This sample coloring page will help you with your leadership skills. See Erlkyng's symbol page below.
Jasmine: Journey into Power coloring book borrows from "The Story of Jasmine," a medieval fantasy-adventure saga for a fun way to initiate personal growth.

Coloring with intent works as a tool to help with personal or relationship issues you would like to resolve that are coming up for you at this time.

My innovation is to connect with your intuition and communicate to your unconscious using symbols and color. It is possible to awaken, claim and embody the desirable attributes of the characters. 

With the insightful and symbolic information offered, this coloring book also gives The Story of Jasmine fans a more in depth look into the personality and motivations of the main characters of the fantasy saga.
This sample coloring page will help with toxic mother issues.

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  • Theme:  It's about Empowerment, and what to do with Power once you get it.
  • Featuring: Positive and Powerful images of Male and Female Archetypes and Role Models.
  • Mindfulness: By being Mindful during the Coloring Process, you tap into the Attributes you desire to Embody.
  • Symbols: The Meaning of the Symbols accompanying each Image will Guide you.
Above: The symbols of Erlkyng's Coloring Page are explained.

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"The process of coloring transformed my emotions and outlook. It opened my eyes to the beauty all around me. My problems didn't change, but my attitudes did. Interacting with Darlene's artwork proved to be a form of spiritual healing, right when I most needed it."
Demos Sachlas, March, 2020
Your Journey into Power
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